Busy Mom Gets Fit has been delivering fitness programs and training to thousands of busy moms since 2011, and we’ve seen four themes that keep coming up.

Our Flat Tummy Plan works through these four themes, systematically introducing you to the most important concepts we think every mom must know about, and show you how to use them for your personal success.

These are the cornerstones of how to actually get real results with the Flat Tummy Plan, using everything we’ve learned over the years plus the most up-to-date research. Ready?

You may think you just want to be told what to do.  But if you don’t understand why you’re doing something a certain way, you’re way less likely to actually follow through on a program.

Experience with thousands of clients has shown us the power of empowering women with relevant information without overwhelming them with too much technical stuff.  The most successful transformations had “light bulb moments” in learning the why.

You’ll learn:

  • why traditional ab exercises, like crunches, don’t work for moms (they make a pooch worse!)
  • what happened to your core during pregnancy and why years after kids you’re no further along in getting a flat tummy
  •  how you need to work the deeper layers of your abs to get a flat tummy
“I love all the information and the teaching of how everything works. If only more programs taught like this people would know and understand so much more about their bodies. ”
— Jacquelyn

100% of pregnant women get separated abs (diastasis) according to the latest study on the effects of childbirth.  100%!!!  The same study also found only 37% of women self-heal from diastasis after kids.  This means a whopping 67% of us moms (that’s the majority of us!) have an ab gap.

Yet few of us moms know how to properly self-assess ourselves on our degree of ab separation and don’t know what we’re looking for in the assessment.

Real results are changes you can actually see and measure!

The Flat Tummy Plan takes you step-by-step through your core assessment through videos, and easy to follow checklists and worksheets.


Yes! We tell you exactly what to do, show you in video demos and pictures, as well as layout when to do it (and when not to!).

The workouts are in doable 10-minute sessions so you stick with the program in spite of your crazy busy mom life.  We know because we’re in the same boat!




To change for good you need to know “What’s Next” after you complete an exercise program.

We guide you through exactly where you go next so you don’t feel lost about where you go from here.